Lunchtime and Afterschool Theatre Programs

 YRDSB, YCDSB, TDSB & Private Schools Approved Service Provider Programs

All programs listed below can provided at lunch-time or afterschool. They can be adjusted for grades and ages, depending on the needs of your individual school or according to your school’s preference on how to group children by grade.


Program 1 – Bright Lights Musical Theatre – JK to Grade 1

Any child who enjoys singing, dancing and acting will love this musical theatre program—a perfect fit for lunch hour or after school. Theatre professionals introduce students to the basic elements of musical theatre through song, dance, games and story-telling. By choosing  age-appropriate Broadway shows, children will learn songs and dances throughout the duration of the course. At the same time, Electric Moon instructors will help students tap into their  imaginations, assisting each in the writing of a short script and linking it to the songs they’ve learned, effectively creating their own mini-musicals. This course has an optional final performance where the participants can perform for the school and/or their families on a date chosen by the school.

Program 2 – Stagestruck Musical Theatre – Grade 2 to 5 AND Grade 6 to 8

Does your child dream of being on stage? A performance-based program taught by theatre professionals, junior actors will pick up the tricks of the acting trade, while discovering the joys of theatre arts. Featuring the basic elements of musical theatre and acting, via song, dance and scene work, this non-competitive program is open to all students, regardless of theatre experience. During the course, students will be immersed in the songs and dances of their favourite Broadway shows. What’s more,  instructors will help students expand their imaginations, as they learn to write and develop a short script, ultimately  merging it with  songs in the creation of their own mini-musicals. This course has an optional final performance where the participants can perform for the school and/or their families on a date chosen by the school.

Program 3 – Play Crazy – Grades 3 to 5 AND 6 to 8

Calling all budding young actors and playwrights! Students who enjoy acting and writing will go Play Crazy in this unique program. Through active discussion, theatre studies and improvisation games, we will explore different aspects of acting and playwriting. The class will focus on monologue and scene work from age-appropriate plays, learning various acting techniques, scene structure and play genres. Based on the skills they acquire from working with existing scripts, the students will then write scenes or monologues of their own to perform. No acting or playwriting experience necessary, just the willingness to create and explore.

Program 4 – Glee Club

Taught by theatre professionals, who serve has music directors and choreographers, students will learn songs and dance to their favorite tunes – from Pop, to Top 40, to Broadway – we will spend our time together singing and dancing! Over the course of the session, students will also learn the basics to proper vocal technique, theory and rhythm. No previous music or dance experience is necessary. In addition to learning songs and dances, each class, students will also try a variety of theatre games and improvisation activities. Glee club encourages teamwork, builds self-esteem and confidence all while having fun and trying something new! Microphones out – Glee Club is in session!

Program 5 –”ShowStoppers” Drama Club

This class is only available as an After-school Program and requires a minimum program length of 1 hour per week for 10 weeks. Although Showstoppers is recommended for two different age groups it can be customized for different age groupings. Participants must be able to memorize lines, songs and dances.

  • Grade 1 to 5
  • Grade 6 to 8

Again, groupings can be modified in accordance with your school’s specific needs. The course description remains the same for each age group. Best of all, your school can choose between an age-appropriate play or musical production.

With the unique ShowStoppers program, Electric Moon Theatre Company will lead your school’s drama club to exciting new heights! This captivating course enables children to rehearse and perform a full play or musical. Taught by theatre professionals, who serve as directors, choreographers and musical directors, students will learn and rehearse the scenes, songs and dance numbers for their respective shows. The program concludes with a performance of their production before the school, family, and/or friends, as desired. By choosing shows with large casts and multiple roles, every registered student receives a part, regardless of previous theatre experience. Each student will have their moment to shine, gaining valuable experience along the way in what it takes to stage a play or musical. Let Electric Moon suggest a show for you or feel free to suggest a show you’d like to do!

Program 5 – On-Your-Feet! Improvisation – Grades 3 to 5 & 6 to 8

Inspired by the improvisation games of such hit shows such as Who’s Line is It Anyways and the sketch-writing exercises that underly the amazing characters and scenes of such shows as Saturday Night Live, this class is the ideal outlet for your budding class clowns! Students will explore the fundamentals of improvisation, participating in specialized activities that help develop strong ensemble and character work. Stage presence, self-confidence, communication skills, respect for others, creative brainstorming, and patience are just some of the strengths your students will develop, under the guidance of Electric Moon professionals. Fast-paced. Rousing. And pure fun. On-Your-Feet! is guaranteed to have your students laughing throughout their entire lunch hour—and eager to return for more!