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Guest Artist Workshops

COVID-19 ALERT: All program options are currently only available virtually interactively live streamed to in-person or remote classrooms. Please read below for program information and then fill out the booking form or contact us to learn more. Pricing, group size recommendations and workshop length options are available on the booking form.

Electric Moon Theatre Company provides workshops to schools in YRDSB, YCDSB, TCDSB, Private Schools and more! Plus, we are now a TDSB Program Partner for our unique Stage Struck Musical Theatre program! Our virtual programs are available for face-to-face and remote classrooms, and learning pods. Led by professional artists, our performance-based programs are customized for each individual school. Whether it is a one-time workshop or a multi-week program, we promise to deliver a new and exciting experience for your students. Best of all, our programs are accessible to students no matter their level of theatre experience.


Created to align with the Ontario Curriculum, our workshops cover a vast range of options, starting with:

  • Musical Theatre
  • Comedy (including improvisation and sketch)
  • Stage Combat
  • Classical Theatre and Shakespeare
  • Dance (hip hop, jazz, musical theatre, contemporary, acro and more!)
  • Scene Study
  • Audition Technique
  • Clowning
  • Playwriting
  • Music & Lyric Writing
  • Commedia del Arte
  • Singing and Voice
  • Devised Theatre/Collective Creation
Interested in a program that isn’t on our list? Just ask and we are happy to price and develop a customized program just for you!

Why book an Electric Moon guest artist program to enhance your arts curriculum?

Studies show that when students are engaged in the arts they experience a sense of wonder and joy which can motivate them to participate more fully in cultural life and other educational opportunities. Electric Moon’s arts education programs align with the Ontario Curriculum, helping students to develop and foster the following skills:

  • Listening, observing and empathy
  • Self-awareness and confidence
  • Taking risks and solving problems in creative ways
  • Innovative thinking, intuition and divergent thinking
  • Intellectual and emotional growth
  • Sensory, cognitive and motor skills
The Ontario Arts Curriculum is based on four central ideas that we aim to incorporate into all of our arts programming:
  • Developing Creativity
  • Communicating
  • Understanding culture
  • Making Connections

Presenting detailed descriptions and curriculum connections for our most popular guest artist workshops! All programs have the option of a final performance.


Program Goal: The Ontario dance curriculum is intended to help students to develop an understanding and appreciation of dance, as well as the ability to create works using the elements and the choreographic forms of the discipline.

How Electric Moon achieves this: Students will learn the foundations of Hip Hop or a dance style of your choice, with a professional choreographer. Following a dance warm-up, students will learn basic hip-hop (dance) moves and skills. They will then apply their skills and learn a full dance number. No previous dance experience is necessary, and our instructor will cater each dance to the abilities of each class. This program is an amazing way to try something new, experience movement and dance in a variety of ways, to build self-esteem and teamwork, and learn some cool new moves! A program designed for even the most hesitant dancer, through these exciting workshops students are giving the opportunity to come out of their shell and become stars!

Fundamental Concepts: Body, Movement, Physical Awareness, Time, Energy and Relationship.


Program Goal: Musical Theatre fulfills both the drama and music components of the curriculum. This program encourages students to become active participants in exploring ideas through music, movement and drama, and responding to music. This program culminates in students incorporating these skills into a final performance. Students will develop musical literacy through singing, playing, dancing, performing and actively listening.

How Electric Moon achieves this: Students learn to tap into their creativity while learning enhanced musical theatre technique and songs and dances to various Broadway shows. Professional theatre facilitators support students in exploring different aspects of acting, ensemble work and movement through the fundamentals of improvisation and related theatre games and activities. In one-time workshops, students will learn a musical theatre song and dance. In an ongoing workshop series, students can work towards a final performance learning an in depth a full, show-worthy musical number. Opportunities are available for students to write small scenes or monologues linked to songs to create a mini-musical.

Fundamental Concepts: Role/Character, relationship, time and place, dynamics, pitch and form.


Program Goal: Improvisation provides opportunities for students to practice communicating through movement, speaking and critical thinking. Role-playing, listening and teamwork play a key role in improvisation thus complimenting this integral part of the drama curriculum.

How Electric Moon achieves this: Inspired by the improvisation games of such hit shows such as Who’s Line is It Anyways and the sketch-writing exercises that are used to create the amazing characters and scenes of Saturday Night Live, this workshop is ideal to get students out of their shell, learning how to speak in front of an audience, interact and work together as a team. Students will explore the fundamentals of improvisation, participating in specialized activities that develop strong ensemble and character work. Stage presence, self-confidence, communication skills, respect for others, creative brainstorming, and patience, are just some of the strengths your students will develop, under the guidance of a professional teaching artist.

Fundamental concepts: Role/Character, relationship, time and place, tension, scene structure and character development


Program Goals: Drama provides many opportunities for students to practice communicating with different audiences through movement, voice and role play. As students “live through” experiences of others in imagined situations, they learn to understand a variety of points of view and motives and to learn the valuable skill of empathizing with others.

How Electric Moon achieves this: In this program we begin by using the above foundations and skills of our improvisation program, and then apply these techniques to further develop character, scene building, play structure and genre. Students will work on scenes and/or monologues from already existing age-appropriate plays. In small groups, their teaching artist will serve as their director, guiding them towards making strong choices, building their character, listening, communication and speaking voice, empathy and teamwork.

Fundamental concepts: Role/Character, relationship, time and place, tension, focus and emphasis.