Lunchtime and Afterschool Theatre Programs

Electric Moon’s approved service provider and community use of school programs are available at both lunch-time or afterschool. We are an approved service provider for the following school boards: YRDSB, YCDSB, TDSB, Private and Montessori Schools. All programs are available for students JK to Grade 8, however, we have provided recommendations on the ideal age for each program. All school programs are individually customized for the age of the students participating.

Minimum program length – 6 weeks
Maximum program length – 10 weeks

***Private & Montessori schools have the option of longer sessions. Prices vary depending on number of weeks chosen and if the program will occur at lunch-time or afterschool. We require a minimum of 8 students to run any lunch or afterschool program.

For all Community Use of School Service provider permits the following info is to be provided upon booking:
School Name
Contact Name
Program requested
Grades participating
Number of weeks for program
Lunch hour or afterschool time

Once permit is approved we will provide an info sheet to go home with students and registration would be set up through our website. Info sheets are only provided digitally and are to be distributed by the school to families.

For pricing or to book a program please email [email protected]

Stage Sparklers – Recommended for JK to Grade 1

Light up your students’ day by introducing them to the wonderful world of theatre with Stage Sparklers! In this unique program, each class will focus on a different element of theatre including Set, Costume, Stage, Clown/Physical Comedy, Singing and Dance. Taught by theatre professionals, the youngest of performers will get their first moments in the spotlight by exploring their creativity and expression through interactive theatre and improv games; imaginative play; song; dance and more! Over the course of the program, students will also learn songs and dances from a variety of age-appropriate Broadway shows. A perfect fit for the lunch hour or afterschool, together, we will SPARK a love of theatre! This course has an optional final performance in which the participants can perform for the school and/or their families on a date chosen by the school.

Starbright Musical Theatre

Starbright Musical Theatre – Recommended for Grade 2 to 6

It’s time for your students to participate in our MOST POPULAR theatre program with Starbright Musical Theatre! For junior actors who dream of being on stage, together, we will discover the joys of theatre arts by creating our very own Mini-Musical! Using songs from age appropriate Broadway shows and movies, students will work together to devise a musical theatre creation, featuring an original script and characters. Each class will also be filled with loads of theatre and improv games to get students acting, interacting, on their feet and expanding their imagination. Taught by theatre professionals, this program has a strong focus on team work, communication and listening skills! Starlight Starbright – it’s musical theatre time, that’s right!! This program has an optional final performance where the participants can perform for the school and/or their families on a date chosen by the school.

Moonbeam Stageworks

Moonbeam Stageworks – Recommended for Grade 4 to 8

All the world’s a stage… even in your very own school! In Moonbeam Stageworks young actors will gain knowledge and hands on experience in acting and playwrighting. Through theatre games, improvisation and character-building exercises and activities, students will be taught various theatre skills to lead then towards detailed character creation. They will then apply what they’ve learned to two possible program options: working on real scripts and scenes from popular plays, movies and tv shows or writing their own scenes or monologues to perform. Moonbeam Stageworks is an ideal way to get students’ acting and interacting at lunch-time or afterschool, with a strong emphasis on ensemble group work and communication. No acting or playwrighting experience necessary, just the willingness to create and explore.

School Musical

The Electric Moon Drama Club – Recommended for Grade 2 & up

This class is only available as an afterschool program and requires a minimum program length of 1 hour per week for 10 weeks. In this program, Electric Moon Theatre Company will lead your school’s drama club to exciting new heights! This captivating course enables children to rehearse and perform a full play or musical. Taught by theatre professionals, who serve as directors, choreographers and musical directors, students will learn and rehearse the scenes, songs and dance numbers for a complete show. The program concludes with a performance of their production before the school, family, and/or friends, as desired. By choosing shows with large casts and multiple roles, every registered student receives a role, regardless of previous theatre experience. Each student will have their moment to shine, gaining valuable experience along the way in what it takes to stage a play or musical. Let Electric Moon suggest a show for you or feel free to suggest a show you’d like to do!

Dance Workshop

“Let’s Dance!” – Recommended for All Grades

This program is only available September to December. Students will learn the foundations of Hip Hop, Jazz, Musical Theatre or a dance style of your choice, with a professional choreographer. This is a great class to get in shape and have fun. Plus, no dance experience is necessary! Following a fun dance warm-up, students will learn dance skills and technique to build towards full dance routines. This program is an amazing way to try something new, experience movement and dance in a variety of ways, to build self-esteem and teamwork, and learn some cool new moves! A program designed for even the most hesitant dancer this exciting program gives students the opportunity to come out of their shell and become stars!

Over the Moon Improvisation – Recommended for Grade 4 & up

Inspired by the improvisation games of such hit shows such as Who’s Line is It Anyways and the sketch-writing exercises that developed the  characters and scenes of such shows as Saturday Night Live, this class is the ideal outlet for your budding class clowns! Students will explore the fundamentals of improvisation, participating in specialized activities that help develop strong ensemble and character work. Stage presence, self-confidence, communication skills, respect for others, creative brainstorming, and patience are just some of the strengths your students will develop, under the guidance of Electric Moon professionals. Fast-paced. Rousing. And pure fun. Over the Moon Improv is guaranteed to have your students laughing throughout their entire lunch hour—and eager to return for more!