We hope your child enjoys practicing for their CyberStage Virtual Theatre Class! Please scroll down to find your child’s virtual class name/day and the files available to help them rehearse! Parents we encourage you to sing and dance along! Please allow for 48 hours after class to see your updated class resources.

Moonbeam StageWorks – Saturday

Starbright Musical Theatre – Sunday and Thursday classes

Please note: The majority of videos below are for both classes, however, there are notes when they are specifically for one class only.

Mini Moon Musical Theatre (Preschool) – Tuesday

I Wanna Be Like You music

Stage Sparklers (Kindergarten) – Tuesday

Starbright Musical Theatre – Tuesday

Over the Moon Musical Theatre – Wednesday

Song tracks – Not all the tracks begin exactly where you start to sing. Listen carefully for where the intros end and your singing begins!

In Summer

When I get my Name in Lights


Journey to the Past


Part of Your World

A Million Dreams

Can’t Stop the Feeling